Periodontal Treatment in Pickering, Ontario

Gum disease is one of the most common oral problem that Canadians face today. The frightening fact is most of us don’t even realize that we have it. It can go undetected for a very long time before it develops into more serious conditions like gingivitis. If you have sore or bleeding gums, it's possible you have gum disease - even if you brush regularly. This oral disease can infect people of all ages and because it's often slow in progress, its symptoms can become worse over time. It can eventually lead to gums receding and, in the worst of cases, teeth falling out. Yet reversing gum disease in its early stages is easy, and we can help you no matter how far its progressed.

At Brockington Dental Centre, we’ll thoroughly examine your gums and teeth before deciding if periodontal therapy is necessary. If gum disease is detected, therapy helps to eliminate or at least minimize the infection on your gumline. Periodontal therapy involves a number of dental methods, such as local medication, curettage, and root planing. Curettage is the removal of infected gum tissues to allow for proper healing, while root planing is the process of eliminating and smoothing out your root surfaces. Local medication may also be injected into the sites to prevent the spread of the infection. These procedures are often done together and are performed by our experienced hygienist. However, if non-surgical gum therapy is not enough, we will recommend you to a periodontist who can surgically remove your infected gum areas so proper healing can occur. A periodontist is a dentist who specializes in the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of gum disease.

To learn about our periodontal treatment, contact us at 905-683-5448 or visit our office at 11-1725 Kingston Rd, Pickering, Ontario to schedule an appointment. We look forward to helping you achieve the perfect smile and good oral health you want!